• Bath heater switch adopts wireless kinetic switch is an upgrade

    Why do you mention this bath heater switch? Friends who have used bath heaters have a deep understanding. bath heater switches are either wired or installed batteries, which are somewhat limited and inconvenient. Is there no switch that can upgrade bath heater switches without wiring or batteries? Ebelong wireless kinetic switch manufacturers can tell you with certainty: Yes, a bath heater is equipped with wireless kinetic switches not only as simple as no wiring and no batteries but also IP67 waterproof and Anti-electric shock. These advantages of the wireless kinetic switch are very helpful for both users and bath heater manufacturers. For users, it is more convenient, safer, and more worry-free to use; for bath heater manufacturers, it directly Improves the grade of bath heater and enhances the competitiveness of the brand. Ebelong’s wireless kinetic switch supports OEM and ODM customization and will be easily integrated into the bath heater….

    Technology News, News 07/20/2022

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