• Bath master control module upgrade, with wireless kinetic switch to achieve high-grade bath

    What is it about upgrading the control module of the main board of the bath master with a wireless kinetic switch to achieve a high-grade bath master? Especially for the traditional bath bar to provide upgrade solutions, so that your bath bar brand upgrade a step, then how should do? Replace the traditional bath bather switch with Ebelong wireless kinetic switch, this way the bath master switch no longer needs wiring no longer needs batteries, but also has IP67 level waterproof, anti-electrocution, and other effects; the bath master board needs to be replaced as a whole, or increase the bath master main board control module, are optional. With more features of the bath bombs, such as the realization of wireless intelligent control, there is a demand for all communication and customization. The following content is not the focus of the content, it is recommended to skip not see it. Bath bombs…

    Technology News, News 08/09/2022
  • Bath Master switch modification is a new upgrade

    For the traditional Bath Master, whether users, Bath Master manufacturers, or distributors want to make Bath Master more perfect and better to use, now there is a better Bath Master switch modification solution to share with you, which is a brand new upgrade. Several aspects can be improved for the traditional Bath Master: 1. Traditional Bath Master switches require wiring or batteries Using Ebelong wireless kinetic energy switch, no wiring or battery is required, and it can generate electricity by itself; 2. The traditional Bath Master switch has no or weak waterproof and anti-shock protection Adopt Ebelong wireless kinetic energy switch waterproof IP67 grade, anti-electric shock, safe and reliable, good performance; 3. Traditional Bath Master lacks intelligent wireless control The use of Ebelong wireless kinetic energy switch supports intelligent wireless control, which is optional; 4. How to turn the traditional Bath Master into a new generation of Bath Master? You can use Ebelong wireless kinetic energy switch with Ebelong Bath Master control panel…

    Technology News, News 08/05/2022
  • Upgrade new control board with wireless kinetic switch to upgrade the Bath Master

    Upgrade the main board of the bath bather with a new control board with a wireless kinetic switch to enhance the grade of the Bath Master, Ebelong can give these solutions and products to enhance the grade of the Bath Master. Start from the main board of the Bath Master and Bath Master switch, replace the main board or add modules to the main board, and replace the bath bather switch with a wireless kinetic switch, from then on the switch no longer needs wiring, no batteries, with IP67 level waterproof, anti-electrical shock, easy multi-control, wireless intelligent switch and so on advantages, support OEM and ODM customization, specific welcome to exchange, we have rich experience, is your partner worth cooperation. From here onwards the following is not the main content, you can ignore it not to see. What to do when the bath bar is pregnant? Under normal circumstances to replace…

    Technology News, News 08/03/2022
  • The intelligent upgrade solution for the Bath Master switch is recommended by integrated ceiling experts

    Integrated ceiling experts highly recommend the perfect solution for an intelligent upgrade of the Bath Master switch, why do experts recommend it so much? First of all, let’s understand the technical advantages of Ebelong wireless kinetic switch manufacturers, mainly wireless self-generating technology, so what is different between the application to the bath bombs and the traditional bath bombs? Ebelong wireless kinetic switch and control board applied to the bath, so that the bath switch with no wiring, no battery, IP67 level waterproof, anti-touch, easy multi-control, can also support voice and cell phone APP control. Integration experts recommend 2 perfect solutions to upgrade the Bath Master switch. 1, all the use of Ebelong bath control board and wireless kinetic switch, a new upgrade. 2, the original bath control board to retain, adding a small control board module and wireless kinetic switch on top, is also an upgrade program. For the bath control board, you…

    Technology News, News 08/02/2022

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