• Battery-free wireless doorbell – Good assistant for your family

    As an essential home functional device, many people have very limited choices. They are basically traditional, with relatively simple functions, and the doorbell is always unavailable due to weather and other reasons. Then, Ebelong’s battery-free wireless doorbell will be a good helper for your different home. In addition to the weather, the doorbell’s battery is also a big problem, and it’s not easy to replace. So for many families, simply go back to the most primitive “doorbell method” and knock directly on the door. In fact, it is not necessary. Now, Ebelong provide you with a wireless doorbell with its own power generation, no wiring, and no batteries. Let’s take a look at what is worth buying this doorbell. Self-pressing power generation supports energy saving and environmental protection. The small doorbell has all the internal organs and built-in power generation module. When the finger touches the push switch, it means…

    Technology News, News 03/17/2022

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