• What technology do battery-free wireless switch manufacturers use to develop

    Questions about what technology is being developed by manufacturers of battery-free wireless switches? What kind of technology does Ebelong wireless light switch manufacturer use to develop and produce battery-free wireless switches? 1. Considering that some friends still don’t know what a battery-free wireless switch is? Or not sure what kind of product it is? This is a light switch that does not require batteries or wiring. It can be said that it is a new type of self-generating wireless product, which was born for the better realization of the smart home. 2. What technology did the battery-free wireless switch manufacturer use in research and development? Ebelong manufacturer is a wireless light switch developed and produced by using self-powered micro-energy harvesting technology. In simple terms, it relies on the kinetic energy generated at the moment we press our hand to convert it into electrical energy and sends a signal through the internal module of…

    Technology News, News 04/12/2022

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