• The 132nd Canton Fair is in full swing – Wireless Kinetic Switch Lights up the Canton Fair

    On October 15, the 132nd Canton Fair was grandly opened in Canton Fair Complex located on Pazhou Island, Guangzhou. After the largest renovation and expansion project – Phase IV project, the total area of the Canton Fair Complex has increased by more than 40% and nearly 6,000 booths, which can accommodate more exhibitors. As the largest renovation and expansion project of “China’s No.1 Exhibition”, the Phase IV project covers a total area of 560,000 square meters, and the construction area is equivalent to 78 standard soccer fields, with large engineering volume and complicated piping layout. The wireless kinetic switch of EBELONG can solve the problems for the huge and complicated lighting control system of the exhibition hall and create the “high light” moment of the project. The “no-wiring” circumvents the problem of comprehensive pipeline layout. The wireless kinetic switch is connected to the controller to realize lighting control through wireless signal…

    Technology News, News 10/28/2022

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