• Smart lighting controller manufacturers analyze application scenarios

    The new smart home is slowly emerging. Among them, the realization of wireless remote control without battery, the manufacturer of Ebelong smart lighting controller has contributed a lot, let’s take a look at the application scenario analysis. 1. On-off application The intelligent lighting controller can control the status of lamps, turn them on or off; 2. Dimming application The intelligent lighting controller can be dimming, light and shade adjustment, color replacement, frequency, and other functions of lamps; 3. Wireless control application It is used in home lighting control to turn on and off. It can be used with wireless kinetic switches and smart gateways. It can quickly realize voice and mobile APP wireless control, without wiring, without batteries, anti-electric shock, and 10 times pressing. many conveniences. Mainly used in lamps, curtains, doors, and other manufacturers’ home configurations, of course, if you need OEM or ODM customization, you can also contact us to…

    Technology News, News 04/13/2022

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