• External controller of garbage disposal and self-powered switch realize smart control

    Ebelong external controller and self-powered switch are integrated into the garbage disposal to realize wireless intelligent control. The switch is IP67 waterproof, without wiring, and supports OEM and ODM customization. 1. Product introduction The ERC1801 external controller is suitable for controlling the garbage disposal machine. By pairing with the wireless self-powered switch, the on and off of the garbage disposal machine can be controlled wirelessly. When the blocking current of the garbage disposal machine reaches the preset value, the controller can restore the garbage disposal machine to normal work through the preset forward and reverse mechanism. At the same time, the overload protection mechanism of the controller can also effectively protect the garbage disposal machine. 2. Stall mechanism (can be customized according to the actual needs of customers) (1) When the garbage disposer is detected (if it is detected that there is a current greater than 7.5A for 0.7s, it…

    Technology News, News 07/13/2022
  • Wireless dual-channel controller

    The new ultra-small controller launched by EBELONG can quickly provide you with an automatic control experience, and realize scenarios such as remote control of garage doors, stopping heating when opening windows, opening exhaust when closing windows, and counting down to turn off lights – Wireless dual-channel controller. The C22 controller supports dual-channel control, which is easy to use and saves costs. It is compatible with wired switch control and easy to achieve dual control or multi-control. It is also optional to pair with a gateway to realize App and voice control. The controller can be installed on the ceiling, wall, or behind an electrical outlet, providing an intelligent home experience. Ease your life No need for any construction work, no wall chiseling, no wiring, and the transformation and upgrading can be realized. Close the curtains from the bed without disturbing any drowsiness. Remotely control the garage door, and the way home is…

    Technology News, News 05/12/2022

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