• Cool Master control board with wireless kinetic switch to upgrade the Cool Master grade is a breeze

    From now on, the Cool Master switch no longer needs wiring, no longer needs a battery, has IP67 level waterproof, anti-electrical shock, easy multi-control, simple installation, easy to use, wireless remote intelligent control, and supports OEM and ODM customization. Just need to replace the traditional Cool Master switch with EBELONG wireless kinetic switch, Cool Master control board with EBELONG Cool Master control board or increase the Cool Master control board module, are possible, depending on the needs of the Cool Master manufacturers, more features are welcome to learn. The following is not the focus of the content, please skip not to see it. What’s going on with the cooling bar air leaves that can not be opened? 1, there may be dirt not cleaned, but the fan stuck, can not rotate, if the shutdown state, manual rotation without abnormal and smooth then this reason can be discharged. 2, may be cleaned with water accidentally into the internal or…

    Technology News, News 08/19/2022
  • Cool Master switch upgrade, help Cool Master manufacturers to upgrade their brand in minutes

    In the traditional Cool Master, the Cool Master switch needs to be wired through the wall or installed with batteries. There are always unsatisfactory places, so how to change these? The upgrade of Cool Master switches will help Cool Master manufacturers upgrade their brand in minutes. Let’s see what to do next. If the Cool Master switch adopts Ebelong wireless kinetic energy switch, the switch does not need wiring, no battery, easy multi-control, IP67 waterproof, anti-electric shock, intelligent voice, and mobile APP wireless control, more functions are welcome to learn, support OEM and ODM customization, Let Cool Master improve the grade and make the brand more competitive. The following is not the main content, please ignore it. What kind of wire should be used for the Cool Master switch? Cool Master does not need a special circuit. The power of that thing is very low, it is just a fan and…

    Technology News, News 08/12/2022

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