• New Generation of Coolbar Switch Wireless Battery-Free Application Solution

    What is the new generation of coolbar switch? It is a kind of wireless battery-free wireless kinetic switch. When the coolbar manufacturer adopts EBELONG wireless kinetic switch with the coolbar, not only the grade of the coolbar will be improved, but also the user experience will be much improved, please understand the specific application solution. The application of EBELONG wireless kinetic switch to the coolbar switch makes the coolbar switch no longer need wiring, no battery, easy multi-control, IP67 level waterproof, anti-electrical shock, wireless intelligent control, move the coolbar switch at any time, simple installation, and easy to use. Wireless kinetic switch using micro-energy harvesting self-generating technology research and development production, not only can improve the grade of the coolbar bar, but also can make the user experience improved, coolbar switch at any time easy to move, handheld, voice, cell phone APP and other control methods, as you like, support OEM and ODM customization, more features welcome to understand. The…

    Technology News, News 08/24/2022

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