• Door and window sensors are more useful than you think

    Home security systems have multiple layers of devices that work together to keep your home safe. Door and window sensors are the mainstays of a good home security system, as most burglars try to gain entry through doors and windows. If the sensor is triggered, it will send a signal to the security system hub via RF, Zigbee, or WiFi. Ebelong wireless self-powered door and window sensors that communicate using RF use no battery and have a longer life than traditional sensors. How do door and window sensors work? – When the security system is armed, the sensor communicates with the central hub or control panel to signal that the doors and windows are secure. If the door or window is open, the button on the sensor is pressed, which the control panel interprets as a security breach. Depending on the type of system, there may be an audible alarm, a central…

    Technology News, News 02/28/2022

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