• Dry Contact: What is it?

    Dry Contact: What is it? Luckily, there’s no H2O involved in wetted contacts. “Wetting” in electrical terms has to do with current flowing from a voltage source. So, what is a dry contact? Also known as a passive contact, dry contacts don’t have power or voltage supplied directly from the switch. Instead, it comes from another source. These contacts act like a simple switch that can open or close the circuit without the need for an applied voltage to make that change happen. Think of a light switch.Dry contacts change state when acted upon by an outside source. Where are dry contacts used? Dry contacts are ideally adaptable for these low-voltage circuits. They are used for burglar and fire alarms, as well as in relays. The key point of EBELONG dry contact solution is that dry contact receiver(ERC2204/ERC2206) allows you to control low current equipment by wireless self-powered switches. It is used…

    Technology News, News 12/12/2022

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