• Electric clothes dryer switch upgrade, no wiring and no batteries to easily control from now on

    The electric clothes dryer switch has been upgraded, and it can be easily controlled without wiring and without batteries. It can be realized by using Ebelong wireless kinetic switch and electric clothes dryer control panel. Ebelong wireless kinetic switch adopts micro-energy collection self-generation technology research and development and production, no wiring, no battery, easy multi-control, IP67 waterproof, anti-electric shock, wireless intelligent control, voice, and mobile APP, since then, the grade of electric clothes dryer has been improved. Brand influence is stronger. For more details, welcome to know, about support OEM and ODM customization. The following is not the key content, please ignore it. Where is the main switch of the automatic drying rack? Usually installed on the right wall. Nowadays, people buy and decorate their houses with automatic clothes drying racks, so the good wife automatic clothes drying rack in our home is really of good quality, and the price is above…

    Technology News, News 08/22/2022

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