• Passive wireless green energy-saving intelligent building control system

    Passive wireless green energy-saving intelligent building control system, sustainable and scalable energy-saving and efficient system for smart homes and smart buildings. Significantly reduce energy consumption Lights on when people come lights off when people leave, automatically adjusts light brightness, air conditioning temperature, etc. with environmental changes. The intelligent control system equipped with sensors, controllers, and gateways provides you with a full range of automation experiences, improving energy utilization efficiency and high sustainability. Self-generating control, constant and stable The wireless kinetic switch achieves control by acquiring kinetic energy generated by fingertip presses, eliminating the need for wiring and batteries, greatly reducing the use of cables, lowering the consumption of raw materials such as plastic and copper as well as batteries, reducing the transformation work hours and material costs, and eliminating maintenance at a later stage, improving the overall stability of the system. Cost reduction and efficiency enhancement The product portfolio of…

    Technology News, News 09/27/2022

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