• The development trend of intelligent gateway in the future

    At present, the number of intelligent gateways is increasing by tens of millions or even hundreds of millions every year, and many problems are encountered with rapid development. Smart gateways generally suffer from security, wall penetration, middleware compatibility, and stability issues. 1. Security: The account is stolen, the smart gateway has security loopholes, and the network is hacked. 2. Through the wall: Wi-Fi cannot be fully covered in the use space. 3. Middleware compatibility: The intelligent gateway has developed into an important control unit, which requires compatibility with various terminal devices. 4. Stability: Once the smart terminal is started, it is generally not powered off. If there is a sudden large amount of traffic, whether the stability of the network can be guaranteed will inevitably affect the customer experience. With the rapid development of smart homes, more and more terminal electronic products will be connected to the network. The smart…

    Technology News, News 02/18/2022

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