• Battery-free wireless smart switch reduces energy waste in line with carbon reduction policy

    Battery-free wireless intelligent switch reduces energy waste in line with carbon reduction policy, let’s see what is different about EBLON battery-free wireless intelligent switch. Ebelong battery-free wireless smart switch is developed and produced with micro energy harvesting technology, which does not require wall wiring, does not use batteries, has IP67 level waterproof and dustproof, anti-touch, easy multi-control, voice and cell phone APP wireless control, simple installation, easy to move and use, and supports OEM and ODM customization. With its feature of no wiring and no battery, Ebelong Wireless Smart Switch, also known as Wireless Kinetic Switch, can already save energy, reduce pollution, lower workload and cost, and easily achieve the purpose of carbon reduction. Multiple ways to reduce energy consumption. 1、To buy energy-efficient appliances, pay attention to see if there is an energy-saving trust authorized by the recommended logo. Turn off the power when the appliance is not in use. Only when…

    Technology News, News 10/10/2022

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