• Wireless kinetic energy switch will become the trend of indoor lighting control in the future

    With the rapid development of society, life is getting better and better, and technology has gradually penetrated into our lives. Take our interior decoration as an example. Now smart homes have gradually become popular, and people have begun to know how to enjoy them. Better technology life, therefore, Ebelong wireless kinetic energy switch has changed the traditional pull-wire switch and realized the wireless smart switch without wiring and battery. It will become the trend of indoor lighting switch decoration in the future. 1. Unified decoration of modern real estate The smart system of the whole building is safe and convenient, face recognition, app control, and the whole set are high-tech. The switch control of lights has always been pulled and buried in the eyes of the outside world. However, since the wireless After the kinetic energy switch, not only the switch does not need wiring, but also does not need…

    Technology News, News 03/18/2022

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