• Kinetic energy – future of the energy economy

    The New Energy Outlook is the future of the energy economy. Kinetic Energy plays an important role nowadays. Usually, people will come up with an idea, which energy will be the most used during the home life in the future? Of course, to generate the power itself would be the best. Today we try to figure out the points. The below analysis has been designed to support strategy development and long-term planning, especially in the lead-up to COP26 in November. NEO 2021 Key Messages. 1. Primary Energy Supply Each of our net-zero scenarios describes major transformations in the primary energy supply. Today, some 83% of primary energy is fossil fuels, while wind and solar PV accounted for 1.3%. In our Green Scenario, which prioritizes clean electricity and green hydrogen, wind and solar grow to 15% of primary energy in 2030, 47% by 2040, and 70% in 2050, split 62% wind…

    Technology News, News 01/15/2022

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