• Learn about the kinetic wireless door sensor and where can it be installed

    In the smart home we learned before, we will know that there will be many smart products in a complete set of smart home devices. One of these smart products is a kinetic wireless door sensor device. A preliminary understanding of the door magnetic sensor, we usually think that this is the installed door, not a very important tool. Still, we want to tell you that although the door magnetic sensor is small, it can have multiple functions. The door magnetic sensor consists of two parts, the big part is a signal transmitter, and the small part is a permanent magnet. When there is a misalignment between the permanent magnet and the transmitter, an alarm is automatically triggered and a signal is sent to the user’s mobile phone for prompting. After understanding its working principle, the editor will take you to understand where the door magnetic sensor can be installed…

    Technology News, News 03/11/2022

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