• Kinetic switch manufacturers analyze self-powered technology applications

    The plethora of wireless communications technologies has cut the comms wire for many applications, but these devices still require power. For home automation, this might mean a battery or mains power, but there is also an alternative that we don’t see often: a kinetic self-powered wireless switch produced by Ebelong kinetic switch manufacturer. The application of self-powered technology to kinetic switches brings those benefits to the realization of a smart home? EBELONG  kinetic switches do not require external power or a battery to send a wireless signal. Instead, it harvests energy from the magnetic latching action of the switch itself. When the switch is actuated, a small current is induced in a coil as the polarity of the magnetic field through its core changes rapidly. Through a series of diodes and resisters, the energy is stored in a capacitor, which is then used to power a small transmitter chip. The…

    Technology News, News 04/02/2022

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