• Wireless kinetic switch supplier analysis smart home tips

    For the realization of smart home, what kind of common switch matching is used in the past, we don’t care. Now we introduce the realization of the smart home can be equipped with wireless kinetic energy switches, and the smart home with wireless control will appear more advanced. This is the tip and suggestion given to you by the supplier of Ebelong wireless kinetic switches. As for what kind of advantages are there? You slowly understand. Why is it better to apply wireless kinetic switches to smart homes? 1. The wireless kinetic energy switch does not need to chisel wall wiring, eliminating these steps, the home wall will be safer; 2. The wireless kinetic energy switch does not need batteries, and there is no battery replacement, showing that this smart home is more advanced; 3. This wireless light switch is like a remote control that does not require batteries and can…

    Technology News, News 04/07/2022
  • Kinetic switch manufacturers analyze self-powered technology applications

    The plethora of wireless communications technologies has cut the comms wire for many applications, but these devices still require power. For home automation, this might mean a battery or mains power, but there is also an alternative that we don’t see often: a kinetic self-powered wireless switch produced by Ebelong kinetic switch manufacturer. The application of self-powered technology to kinetic switches brings those benefits to the realization of a smart home? EBELONG  kinetic switches do not require external power or a battery to send a wireless signal. Instead, it harvests energy from the magnetic latching action of the switch itself. When the switch is actuated, a small current is induced in a coil as the polarity of the magnetic field through its core changes rapidly. Through a series of diodes and resisters, the energy is stored in a capacitor, which is then used to power a small transmitter chip. The…

    Technology News, News 04/02/2022
  • Wireless kinetic energy switch will become the trend of indoor lighting control in the future

    With the rapid development of society, life is getting better and better, and technology has gradually penetrated into our lives. Take our interior decoration as an example. Now smart homes have gradually become popular, and people have begun to know how to enjoy them. Better technology life, therefore, Ebelong wireless kinetic energy switch has changed the traditional pull-wire switch and realized the wireless smart switch without wiring and battery. It will become the trend of indoor lighting switch decoration in the future. 1. Unified decoration of modern real estate The smart system of the whole building is safe and convenient, face recognition, app control, and the whole set are high-tech. The switch control of lights has always been pulled and buried in the eyes of the outside world. However, since the wireless After the kinetic energy switch, not only the switch does not need wiring, but also does not need…

    Technology News, News 03/18/2022
  • Kinetic switch wireless lighting control application in smart home

    Ebelong has specialized in energy harvesting RF kinetic switches wireless lighting control more than 10 years,  which can be used in various applications such as industrial and building automation, in the mobility sector or for medical technology. This switch offer an amazing alternative to wired or battery-powered  switch. The advantages are very obvious : Provide freedom with a lot of flexibility, sustainability without battery disposal and a remarkable reduction of time and cost efforts due to the unnecessary job of maintenance. With the small size of smart receiving controller, you can activate specific function such as blind control, lighting control, this is not only increase comfort, but also makes a significant contribution to energy efficiency and safety. There is one possibility to integrate smart into window handle, with the door switch, D1, when you turn to open or close the window, it will activate and generate enough energy to transmit…

    Technology News, News 03/16/2022
  • Why do we need voice control devices?

    It is convenient to use hands to turn on your light wirelessly by Ebelong kinetic switch, moreover, you can even voice control the devices with the Ebelong controller which is a built-in TUYA module. Now, voice control is a powerful function that allows you to command your Ebelong controller with your voice. With a specific setting, it will work seamlessly with some well-known smart speakers, including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistants. Amazon Alexa, also known simply as Alexa, is by far the most famous assistant in the UK, US, and Germany. It can control several smart devices from different brands using itself as a home automation system. You can activate the voice assistant from a smart speaker, or directly from your phone, by using a wake-word (“Hey Alexa” or “Hey Amazon”). In terms of operation, Google Assistant is similar to Amazon Alexa. Now, 72 percent of users say that they…

    Technology News, News 02/17/2022
  • Simple DIY home improvement project — EBELONG

    The plethora of wireless communications technologies has cut the comms wire for many applications, but these devices still require power. For home automation, this might mean a battery or mains power, but there is also an alternative that we don’t see often: Kinetic power. EBELONG company developed a compact, wireless, batteryless pushbutton controller that transmits a 12-bit digital ID code to the vicinity when it is pressed. The device produces on the order of a milliJoule at 3 Volts when pushed, enabling several cycles of the ID code to be transmitted over scores of meters. Previous approaches used piezoceramic actuators to send simple impulses across Hertzian Resonators, Our device uses a reactively-matched transformer to drop the impedance of the piezo source, enabling one push to easily power low-voltage circuitry that can produce and transmit the code. This device has myriad applications, e.g., in places where a control interface is desired,…

    Technology News, News 02/09/2022
  • How to make garden lighting control more stable?

    Garden lighting become more and more important in daily life, people could enjoy themselves with family or friends in the evening in their garden with proper lighting. So stable, easy control, and easy installation are significant for garden lighting. With weatherproof kinetic switch S2 series and controller, no matter the lights are DC or AC, we could offer you a great solution in a very good price-performance ratio. And with our garden lighting control solution, you can solve many problems including. 1. Part of the garden lighting is not working. In traditional wiring, it is able to happen in any position, need to dig out all wires to check and reconnect, which could break the layout of the garden and ruin your mood. With Ebelong’s wireless solution, no more broken operation, just check controllers one by one. 2. Garden lighting timer is not working. If the garden lights are not…

    Technology News, News 01/22/2022
  • Self-powered electronics become “lifestyle”

    Ebelong has been developing kinetic-energy (namely self-powered) products to satisfy the new markets. Ebelong is willing to share a historical topic below how electricity generates. It would be important to come up with an idea of how any electricity generator, could be capable of producing a self-sustaining current. This has been clearly explained by Walter M. Elsasser in a Scientific American article (May 1958) titled “The Earth as a Dynamo.” Elsasser has modeled the earth-dynamo, conveniently for this explanation, on the Faraday generator of a metal disk spinning over a bar magnet placed at the edge of the disk. He notes, also, that the bar magnet could be replaced by an electromagnet which could get its power from the spinning disk by attaching one end of the electromagnet’s wire to the outside of the disk and the other end of the wire to the metal rod running through the center of the disk. Elsasser then points out that an ordinary disk-based could not maintain a…

    Technology News, News 01/04/2022

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