• Multi-zone control of landscape lighting

    Are you still troubled about upgrading your single-zone landscape lighting to multi-zone control? EBELONG’s multi-channel controller can be installed on the original transformer to control the lighting separately, focusing on the lighting of some specific areas, saving energy. Intelligently control lighting anytime, anywhere by adding WIFI version controller/smart hub and wireless switch. Less Time, More Efficiency Connect the C6/C10 series controller with the waterproof box into the lighting circuit, without wires and batteries, shortening the construction time. Free and Flexible You can add as many controllers effortlessly to realize multi-area control of the landscape lighting, it supports any special lighting solutions design. Dusk To Dawn Set different lighting times by the controller to auto-turn on/off lights separately, showing the perfect lighting and saving energy. Wireless Self-Power Lighting Control Solution Let the light be with you with a PIR sensor. Turn on/off the lights remotely anytime and anywhere with a wireless…

    Technology News, News 05/09/2022
  • Wireless kinetic switches provide better solutions for landscape lighting

    Ebelong wireless kinetic switch can provide a better solution for landscape lighting, so what places have been upgraded in landscape lighting applications? Before that, let us first understand the working principle of the wireless kinetic switch: The wireless kinetic switch does not require wiring or batteries. It is developed and produced using micro-energy harvesting and self-powered technology. The kinetic energy generated by our hand pressing is converted into electrical energy and then converted into signals through the internal transmission module. The receiver module of the device receives the signal to control the lamp. 1. The use of wireless kinetic switches for landscape lighting does not require wiring and batteries, which is convenient for electrician installation and user use; 2. Support sub-regional wireless control of lights; 3. Support remote control lighting; 4. Support smart graffiti, Huawei HiLink platform, voice, and mobile APP to wireless control lighting; 5. Support traditional timing control lights, but…

    Technology News, News 05/04/2022

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