• Controllers For LED– control options for RGB/RGBW strip lights

    Which RGB LED controller should I use? What’s the right choice for my project? When it comes to controlling your RGB LED strip, there is a range of options – each offering a choice of many different controllers. If you decide to control your RGB LED strip via the DMX protocol, for example, you can use any DMX LED controller. This will give you a choice of hundreds of control units. While there’s no definitive ‘best’ way to manage RGB LED strip installations in general, there will certainly be the best and most cost-effective choice for your particular project. The right RGB LED controller for you will largely depend on two factors: 1. The size of your project If you have a small project (using just a single transformer), this simplifies your choice of RGB LED controller options. You should avoid systems like DMX, 0-10v, or DALI controllers – as these are…

    Technology News, News 03/01/2022

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