• Wireless smart switch outdoor lighting control scene application

    There are all kinds of outdoor lighting control, and what we need is suitable and free, how to free law? Take a look at the advantages of Ebelong’s wireless smart switches in outdoor lighting control scenarios and you will know. Ebelong’s wireless smart switch is also called a wireless kinetic switch. It is a wireless switch developed and produced by micro-energy harvesting self-powered technology. So what difference can this Ebelong wireless smart switch bring to outdoor lighting control? 1. This smart switch does not require wiring; 2. The wireless switch does not need batteries; 3. The wireless smart switch can quickly realize dual control and multi-control; 4. It is very suitable for installation and modification and upgrading; 5. Anti-electric shock, waterproof IP67 grade, fireproof material; 6. Support Tuya, Huawei HiLink, and other platforms, voice, and mobile APP wireless control; 7. The signal is stable, the control distance is long, and it is…

    Technology News, News 05/27/2022
  • Why the wireless kinetic switch is the new king of outdoor lighting control

    There are still many types of light switches, so why is the wireless kinetic switch the new king of outdoor lighting control? Woolen cloth? 1. The wireless kinetic switch does not need to chisel wall wiring; 2. No battery is needed, eliminating the trouble of replacing batteries and disposing of waste batteries in the later stage; 3. IP67 waterproof 4. Anti-electric shock, children and the elderly are more assured to use; 5. Manufacture of fireproof materials; 6. Easy installation: screw fixing, 3M glue sticking and not fixing; 7. Support Tuya, Huawei HiLink, and other platform systems, voice and mobile APP control; 8. Easy modification and installation, dual control and multi-control; Ebelong’s wireless kinetic switch is a smart switch developed and produced by using micro-energy harvesting and self-powered technology. It supports OEM and ODM customization. Distribution agents are welcome to cooperate and win-win!

    Technology News, News 05/24/2022
  • Wireless kinetic switch suppliers teach you how to apply outdoor lighting control

    The wireless kinetic switch supplier teaches you how to apply outdoor lighting control. Many friends may not know there is such a thing as a wireless kinetic energy switch, let alone what this kinetic switch is used for? How is it different from other switches? Ebelong wireless kinetic switch supplier uses micro-energy harvesting and self-generating technology to develop and produce wireless kinetic energy switches. This is a kinetic energy power generation switch that does not require wiring or batteries. Ebelong’s wireless kinetic switches can be used both indoors and outdoors and can be used for lighting control, as well as door and window control. What is the difference and advantage of Ebelong’s wireless kinetic switch? 1. The switch is free of wiring, no battery, and no trouble to replace the battery; 2. Quickly upgrade and transform into a smart home; 3. Easy dual control and multi-control, sub-regional control; 4. Support Tuya,…

    Technology News, News 05/21/2022
  • Wireless light switch smart lighting control system

    The smart lighting control system is system software for intelligent control and management of lighting effects. Compared with traditional lighting fixtures, the key is to complete the matching of lights, one-key conversion, intelligent remote control, system partition lights on and off all lights, etc. Management method, the key operation method is wireless remote control, timed operation, centralized control system and even remote operation, etc., wireless light switch, to complete the functions of intelligent lighting system energy saving, environmental protection, comfort, and convenience. 1. Automation technology The intelligent control system of all-smart home lighting lamps is fully automatic and practical and does not require manual production. Therefore, when it is applied, it is not necessary to pay attention to its power switch. The intelligent control system of lamps and lanterns can choose electromagnetic induction or infrared induction to complete the actual operation of magnetic induction. This not only allows lighting fixtures to…

    Technology News, News 03/25/2022
  • How to make garden lighting control more stable?

    Garden lighting become more and more important in daily life, people could enjoy themselves with family or friends in the evening in their garden with proper lighting. So stable, easy control, and easy installation are significant for garden lighting. With weatherproof kinetic switch S2 series and controller, no matter the lights are DC or AC, we could offer you a great solution in a very good price-performance ratio. And with our garden lighting control solution, you can solve many problems including. 1. Part of the garden lighting is not working. In traditional wiring, it is able to happen in any position, need to dig out all wires to check and reconnect, which could break the layout of the garden and ruin your mood. With Ebelong’s wireless solution, no more broken operation, just check controllers one by one. 2. Garden lighting timer is not working. If the garden lights are not…

    Technology News, News 01/22/2022
  • Lighting Control Protocols: DALI, 0-10V, DMX, PWM – What is your choice

    Choosing an ideal lighting control protocol for any project is essential when designing an intelligent lighting control system. Protocols are rules that govern how to control devices interact and behave in a lighting network. Hence, lighting control protocol selection is an important decision point because it is a prominent factor determining the overall cost and project quality. What is a lighting control protocol?  The lighting control protocol is a set of rules used for communication between lighting control devices, like ballasts, sensors, or motion detectors. The commonly used lighting control protocols are DALI, 0-10V, DMX, and  Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). The two primary types of protocols are analog and digital. Analog protocols are usually one-way (unidirectional), allowing no feedback from interfaces, luminaires, or devices. Digital protocols are either one-way or two-way. Two-way (bidirectional) protocols allow data, reliability rules, and other information to be exchanged between the luminaire and the device. We…

    Technology News, News 01/11/2022

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