• Public area low carbon first passive wireless kinetic switch advantages

    Public area low carbon first, this public area includes many aspects, such as a public bathroom, community walkway, stairs, parks, and so on places have public areas, these areas can take the lead first low carbon, Ebelong passive wireless kinetic switch is a way of low carbon first, let’s see how low carbon law. This wireless switch also does not need to chisel the wall wiring, which reduces the workload of chiseling the wall, reduces environmental pollution, reduces the consumption of wire, reduces the cost, and protects the wall, the switch arrangement is very flexible, easy to install and move, easy to multi-control wireless intelligent control. Support voice control, hand press, cell phone APP, human motion sensing, IP67 level waterproof, anti-touch, support OEM and ODM customization. Here is a look at the low-carbon life I first advocacy language: 1、To carry out “Energy Conservation Awareness Week” activities to promote the construction of…

    Technology News, News 10/08/2022

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