• What is the development prospect of micro-energy harvesting self-powered technology on the way to the future

    Some friends may worry about the future prospects of the development of Ebelong’s self-powered technology. It is common for people to worry about this, after all, cooperative agents are treated as a business, they will not say that they are doing well and suddenly do not do it for some reason, let’s understand it. The self-powered technology of Ebelong has obtained a total of more than 350 invention patents and has the patent right of self-powered technology, which is a very important and powerful guarantee, with this guarantee, plus the guarantee given to the agents by Ebelong manufacturers. Besides, the future society belongs to environmental protection technology, and saving a green environment is the focus, so wireless self-powered switches instead of the traditional wired switch sooner or later, the prospect is very big; therefore, the rest is to make efforts to do this business well on the line, nothing else needs to be worried. Self-powered…

    Technology News, News 10/31/2022

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