• Dual mos dimming series dimming controller dimming switch wiring free self-powered

    C1201 series controller can control the switch and dimming of lamps and supports two dimming control modes: wireless kinetic switch control and graffiti APP/wireless kinetic APP control, which is switch dimming; The dimming mode of the controller is dual MOS dimming. Technical advantages Zero-crossing protection technology The intelligent dimmer switch generally uses a relay as the “switch” control element, and the contact is the most important component of the relay, and also the most vulnerable part, especially in the high-voltage and high-power control system. Contact sparking occurs at the moment of contact closure, and arcing occurs at the moment of contact disconnection, causing contact damage, and leading to control system failure or serious consequences. When the contact of the relay is disconnected, if the load is nonpure resistance type, it will generate reverse electromotive force. The air between the contacts will be broken down, forming arc discharge. The high temperature…

    Technology News, News 10/27/2022

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