• Outdoor switches offer wireless and battery-free advantages

    Many users or electricians will consider the use of switches when installing outdoor lighting. Why do you say that? Ebelong Outdoor Switches have the advantage of being cordless and battery-free. Because the outdoor environment is different from indoors, the weather is changeable, rainy days and the sun will affect the light switch, and the outdoor wiring is not so convenient. The use of the switch and the control of the area must be considered. So Ebelong’s outdoor switch is very suitable as an outdoor switch upgrade or modification, new installation, what advantages does it have? Ebelong’s outdoor switch is developed and produced by using micro-energy collection self-generation technology. The application of wireless kinetic energy technology makes the outdoor switch do not need wiring or batteries and supports voice, mobile APP, and remote control. ZigBee, Bluetooth, WiFi, RF433, etc., easily realize multi-control, sub-regional control, timing control, Anti-electric shock, and waterproof IP67 level….

    Technology News, News 06/15/2022

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