• Wireless smart security alarm system

    Crime rates rose up in a couple of years, making home owners fearful any time. Whenever they leave home and nobody will be available to keep an eye on the valuables. In addition to home use, security alarm systems could be an important part to be used in commercial places and public places to curb any form of crime done. This is actually a very crucial component of the military in trying to minimize crime cases. For business and military functions, a wireless smart security alarm system could be used in all kinds of business transactions and important documents. Please find the function from EBELONG wireless smart security alarm system. * Built in strong LED, lound alarm sound *Alarm situation will be sent to APP automatically *APP displays every device’s working status. *Arm/Disarm/Home mode can be selected *Supports different accessories to be paired, name accessories freely *Alarm record is stored in the…

    Technology News, News 03/21/2022

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