• Winter is coming, how wireless self-generated switch reflects the advantages

    Although the winter of 2022 has not yet arrived, it has already snowed in some areas in the north, while some areas in the south are still wearing short sleeves, but the weather has already started to change, the wind is coming, and it is not far from the rapid drop of temperature, so, winter is coming, how can Ebelong wireless self-generated switch reflect its advantages? When it’s cold, it’s too lazy to get up, let alone get up to turn on and off the lights, especially when the switch is far away, where it can’t be hooked by hand, the heart is cursing the switch installed so far away, non-essential to be even lazier to move, can’t wait to lie under the covers for a day, have you ever felt this way in winter? If you are using Ebelong wireless self-generating switch at this time, there will be many ways to…

    Technology News, News 10/21/2022
  • Self-generated switch TUYA smart home platform perfectly support

    TUYA smart home platform, Ebelong self-generated switch TUYA smart home platform perfect support, but also support other platform protocols, more welcome to learn more. Self-generated switches do not need to chisel the wall wiring, have no batteries, have easy multi-control, IP67 level waterproof, anti-electrical shock, voice, and cell phone APP control, are simple installation, easy to use. Want to do a smart home, how about the Doodle platform? As a smart home enthusiast, Doodle is really good. And some other smart home brands are actually less recommended to choose from, in fact, they are mainly doing automation of lighting, curtain, and other systems, not intelligence. To do a smart home first consider which platform to choose, Doodle, Huawei, Ali Intelligence, home kit, or Xiaomi. For the moment choosing the platform, also means choosing the subsequent products that can be accessed to achieve more intelligent linkage play. Embryo house plan to start…

    Technology News, News 10/13/2022
  • The application of self-generated switch is wise, convenient and environmental protection and emission reduction

    Let’s take a look at the application of a self-generated switch, which is wise and convenient, and environmental protection and emission reduction, how is it done? And what aspects of daily life can also do environmental protection and emission reduction? It does not require you to cut the wall wiring, nor does it use batteries, which reduces labor and material costs, saves time, saves energy, reduces emissions, and the benefits of this self-generated switch are IP67 level waterproof, anti-electrical shock, intelligent voice, and cell phone APP wireless control, easy multi-control, easy to install, easy to move, a good assistant for the realization of the smart home. The self-generated switch supports OEM and ODM customization, welcome to win-win cooperation, thank you! I. How to save energy, reduce emissions and protect the environment in family life? 1. Electricity for lighting Pay attention to turning off the lights with your hands. Use energy-efficient…

    Technology News, News 10/09/2022
  • How self-generated switches respond to double carbon targets

    How to achieve the dual-carbon goal in response to the self-generated switch of Ebelong? What are the ways to achieve the double carbon goal? The self-generated switch does not need to cut wall wiring, does not use a battery, is IP67 level waterproof, anti-electrical shock, easy multi-control, voice and cell phone APP control, supports Huawei HiLink, Doodle, and other platforms multi-protocol, easy installation, simple use, and meets the requirements of low-carbon green environment. Self-generated switch without chiseling wall wiring, reducing resources, labor costs, dust and noise pollution, without batteries, it eliminates the need for post-maintenance, without the trouble of replacing batteries and disposing of used batteries, support customization, welcome cooperation. The “double carbon” also has a certain impact on traditional industries. To reach the double carbon goal, all employees should participate in it and advocate the concept of low-carbon life; carbon emission reduction in the construction field is a crucial…

    Technology News, News 09/26/2022

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