• Which wireless doorbell is best?

    Wireless doorbells have become relatively cheap, making them a great option to replace the traditional doorbells that don’t offer as many useful features. The wireless versions are also easier to install as no wiring is required. They also come loaded with features such as adjustable volume and a large selection of chimes. The Ebelong Self-powered Doorbell is the best high-end doorbell offering A security alert and waterproof function What to know before you buy a wireless doorbell Range The receiver unit needs to be within the doorbell range for it to work. Most wireless doorbells offer at least 100 feet of range, while the premium models will be more than 400 feet. Remember that you might not get the same range as the product specifications as interference can occur. You can expect the real-life range to be around 30% less than manufacturer specifications. Power Most doorbells need batteries or WIFI,…

    Technology News, News 11/28/2022
  • Self-powered wireless doorbell requires no wiring and no batteries

    The self-powered wireless doorbell transmitter does not need batteries and has a built-in energy acquisition module, which can convert the mechanical energy of pressing into electrical energy, and the electrical energy drives the circuit to work. The doorbell communication method is wireless radio frequency, no wiring is required for installation, the ringer volume is adjustable and there are multiple music tracks to choose from. The doorbell has a power-off memory function. After power-off and then power-on, the doorbell can remember the last set music track and ring volume, and there is no need to manually set it. 1. Drop test: (1) Self-powered wireless doorbell transmitter: 1 meter high from the rigid ground, and the product works normally after the 6 sides are dropped three times respectively. (2) Self-generating wireless doorbell receiver: complete the packaging test with the whole machine, and the installation strength can complete the functional operation of the receiving module…

    Technology News, News 07/06/2022
  • Self-powered waterproof doorbell requires no wiring

    Stick the self-powered wireless doorbell with 3M adhesive strips at the door, which is wireless and waterproof, no fear of any bad weather. Multiple Ringtones The doorbell contains more than 52 ringtones, you can set exclusive ringtones for doorbells in different locations, and listen to the sound to identify the location. Memory Function Compatible with the one-to-one and the multi-to-multiple ringtone memory mode, every time the doorbell is powered off and restarted, it will remember the originally set ringtone, no need to set it again. Wide Coverage The doorbell sends a steady signal based on 110 decibels volume and a transmission distance of 200 meters, so even a large house won’t miss a visit. Personalize There are 4 modes available to meet the individual needs of different families: ringtone only, flashing light only, ringtone and flashing light, and light always on. Among them, in the always-on mode, the doorbell can…

    Technology News, News 05/16/2022

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