• Human body movement infrared wireless sensor manufacturers bring you a different experience

    Ebelong human body mobile infrared wireless sensor manufacturer brings you a different experience, why do you say that? Because wireless sensors can bring a lot of convenience to our daily life: 1. Toilet or toilet passage It is inconvenient to manually turn on the lights on the way to the bathroom at night, or too lazy to turn on and off the lights by yourself. Then if you have Ebelong’s body movement infrared wireless sensor, these are not a problem. 2. Stairs or stairways The same is true for stairs and corridors. You don’t have to turn on and off the lights yourself. The lights will automatically turn on when you approach, and the lights will automatically turn off when you leave. It is also convenient in the corridors, especially when carrying things with both hands at night. Reflect on the practicality of wireless sensors. 3. Outdoor passage When you go…

    Technology News, News 04/14/2022

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