• Smart light switches are developed and produced using wireless kinetic technology

    For the R&D and production of Ebelong smart light switches using wireless kinetic technology, many people may not understand what this wireless kinetic energy technology is? What’s the difference? Let’s take a look at this wireless kinetic technology: Simply put, this technology allows the switch to generate electricity by itself without wiring or batteries, that is, the kinetic energy generated at the moment when the switch is pressed by our human hand is converted into electrical energy through the internal module of the switch, and a signal is sent to the receiver of the controller. As for how to achieve it, we will not delve into it here, we only need to know that this smart light switch does not need wiring, no battery, Anti-electric shock, fire protection, IP67 waterproof, intelligent control, easy multi-control, easy installation, and other benefits. Smart light switches can be used in indoor, outdoor, wet areas (kitchen,…

    Technology News, News 06/10/2022

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