• Common uses for wireless switches

    Complicated wiring? Multiple wireless transmitters can command a single receiver. This means switches in different locations can turn the same electrical load on or off. Switching like this is often used in stairwells or rooms where two or more switches are used to turn one light on or off. Achieving this result with wired three-way or four-way switches requires a higher level of electrical knowledge and more time for wiring and installation. Remodeling. Wireless light switches eliminate the wire from the light to the switch location. This is useful in remodeling situations where new wiring can be a hassle. Rather than tearing down a wall to gain access to the wires, a wireless switch can be used. This avoids any need to access wires and makes remodeling fast and simple. Log homes. Another use for wireless switches is in log homes, where electrical installations can be difficult because of the amount of routing and drilling that would otherwise be…

    Technology News, News 03/03/2022

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