• The self-generating wireless switch supports Huawei HiLink smart home platform

    Guangdong Ebelong self-generated wireless switch manufacturer, engaged in the research and development of self-generated technology for more than ten years, has obtained hundreds of invention patents, welcome to visit the company for a guide, this self-generated wireless switch is also called wireless kinetic switch, it supports Huawei HiLink smart home platform, of course, also supports Doodle and other platforms. Self-generated wireless switches it has very different places from other switches, such as. 1. no hard work to cut the wall to put the pipe wiring, saving materials, and labor costs, saving time, money, and energy, reducing noise and dust pollution, and easy to install. 2. does not need to use batteries or charging, unlike other wireless switches that require batteries, EBLON self-generating wireless switch is self-generating by pressing, which not only saves battery energy but also reduces the trouble of replacing batteries later, and the procedure of dealing with waste battery pollution. 3….

    Technology News, News 10/11/2022
  • Wireless switch manufacturer helps electricians simplify workload

    With the continuous improvement of living conditions, the work of many industries has been greatly simplified, so now Ebelong wireless switch manufacturers are also simplifying their installation workload for electricians. What steps are simplified? 1. Let us first understand what the wireless switch of Ebelong is like? This wireless switch is developed and produced using micro-energy collection self-powered technology. It has more than 300 invention patents and a number of quality certifications. It relies on kinetic energy power generation to transmit signals to wirelessly control lamps. The wireless switch does not need wiring or a battery. It is made of IP67 waterproof, Anti-electric shock, and fireproof materials. It supports voice and mobile APP wireless control. , multi-control, a new partner for smart home realization. 2. Next, let’s analyze which installation steps can be saved for electricians? (1) The work of chiseling the wall and pulling the pipe wiring for the wireless switch is…

    Technology News, News 04/20/2022
  • What technology do battery-free wireless switch manufacturers use to develop

    Questions about what technology is being developed by manufacturers of battery-free wireless switches? What kind of technology does Ebelong wireless light switch manufacturer use to develop and produce battery-free wireless switches? 1. Considering that some friends still don’t know what a battery-free wireless switch is? Or not sure what kind of product it is? This is a light switch that does not require batteries or wiring. It can be said that it is a new type of self-generating wireless product, which was born for the better realization of the smart home. 2. What technology did the battery-free wireless switch manufacturer use in research and development? Ebelong manufacturer is a wireless light switch developed and produced by using self-powered micro-energy harvesting technology. In simple terms, it relies on the kinetic energy generated at the moment we press our hand to convert it into electrical energy and sends a signal through the internal module of…

    Technology News, News 04/12/2022
  • IP67 waterproof wireless switch manufacturer solves outdoor light control for you

    Have you ever had such troubles, it is about the control of outdoor garden lights, that is, our garden lights, the switch installation location is relatively far and remote, the wiring is more complicated, and it is also waterproof and exposed to the sun, then such a switch installation location It is more difficult to find a suitable location. After all, it is not easy to find a suitable location to install the switch with waterproof and sun protection. Now I recommend you an IP67 waterproof wireless switch manufacturer Ebelong that can solve this problem for you. This wireless switch can solve the problem of outdoor lighting control for you. Why Ebelong Manufacturer’s IP67 Waterproof Wireless Switches Can Solve Outdoor Lighting Control Problems? 1. Because outdoor wiring is very complicated work, if you use a wireless switch, you can save the wiring link, which not only saves wire and a…

    Technology News, News 04/11/2022

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