• Wireless kinetic switch suppliers teach you how to apply outdoor lighting control

    The wireless kinetic switch supplier teaches you how to apply outdoor lighting control. Many friends may not know there is such a thing as a wireless kinetic energy switch, let alone what this kinetic switch is used for? How is it different from other switches? Ebelong wireless kinetic switch supplier uses micro-energy harvesting and self-generating technology to develop and produce wireless kinetic energy switches. This is a kinetic energy power generation switch that does not require wiring or batteries. Ebelong’s wireless kinetic switches can be used both indoors and outdoors and can be used for lighting control, as well as door and window control. What is the difference and advantage of Ebelong’s wireless kinetic switch? 1. The switch is free of wiring, no battery, and no trouble to replace the battery; 2. Quickly upgrade and transform into a smart home; 3. Easy dual control and multi-control, sub-regional control; 4. Support Tuya,…

    Technology News, News 05/21/2022
  • Waterproof smart wireless switches can be used in those places

    Where can Ebelong’s waterproof smart wireless switch be used? Maybe many of my friends have not heard of waterproof smart wireless switches, and it is normal that they have not heard of them. After all, this type of switch has not existed for a long time, but its function is indeed very unusual. Let me introduce myself to you. 1. What is the principle of a waterproof smart wireless switch?The micro-energy collection self-generating technology is used for R&D and production, relying on kinetic energy to generate power and signal transmission. 2. What are the main advantages of waterproof wireless smart switches?No need to chisel wall wiring;without battery;With IP67 waterproof;Easy modification and installation;Fast dual control and multi-control;Installation is simple, the signal can be paired, it supports fixed installation, 3M adhesive installation, no installation, and can be placed anywhere;Free to use, use like remote control, voice control, or mobile APP control;Easily distinguish…

    Technology News, News 04/25/2022
  • Self-powered switch supplier recommends outdoor waterproof wireless switch

    Don’t know if the switch of your garden light control is satisfactory to you? Is it convenient enough? Can it be controlled by region, close it if you want to turn it off, and open it if you want to open it? Do the lights automatically turn on when you are near and turn off when you leave? If you feel that your garden light switch needs to be changed and upgraded, Ebelong self-powered switch supplier recommends an outdoor waterproof wireless switch. This light switch does not require wiring or batteries. It is developed and produced using kinetic energy self-generating technology. It is simple to install, easy to use, and durable. It has IP67 waterproof and Anti-electric shock. So what are the advantages of the IP67 waterproof wireless switch recommended by the self-generating switch supplier? 1. No wiring is required, saving wires and the amount of work of electrician masters; 2….

    Technology News, News 04/21/2022
  • Wireless kinetic switch supplier analysis smart home tips

    For the realization of smart home, what kind of common switch matching is used in the past, we don’t care. Now we introduce the realization of the smart home can be equipped with wireless kinetic energy switches, and the smart home with wireless control will appear more advanced. This is the tip and suggestion given to you by the supplier of Ebelong wireless kinetic switches. As for what kind of advantages are there? You slowly understand. Why is it better to apply wireless kinetic switches to smart homes? 1. The wireless kinetic energy switch does not need to chisel wall wiring, eliminating these steps, the home wall will be safer; 2. The wireless kinetic energy switch does not need batteries, and there is no battery replacement, showing that this smart home is more advanced; 3. This wireless light switch is like a remote control that does not require batteries and can…

    Technology News, News 04/07/2022

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