• Control light at will, infinitely colorful | Dual color temperature controller

    Nowadays, people’s pursuit of quality of life is constantly improving, and they also pay more attention to diversification and enrichment in home lighting. The new product released by EBELONG–C2302 dual color temperature controller, supports dual 0-10V control, can be adapted to a variety of lamps, and meets the delicate needs of different families for lighting. 01. Dimming The C2302 controller supports dual color temperature mode, which can realize the dimming control of the light source, providing a variety of choices of lighting control, dim the brightness when reading, adjust the warm color, protect the eyes and save energy; set the cool color when meeting guests, comfortable and relax. There must be the most appropriate lighting at any time, let the light change at will, and make life full of ritual. 02. Dual 0-10V Control The controller is used with dual-channel 0-10V LED driver power supply. Based on a special control…

    Technology News, News 05/05/2022

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