• TUYA platform single fire switch intelligent voice control switch intelligent transformation of non-zero fire line

    Name: Intelligent single firewire switch Communication protocol: Bluetooth/433/ Color: white Customization: Neutral / custom packaging / embossed logo We are not the same as others! : 1. 1, 16A magnetically maintained relay control scheme, 800W high-power load 2, hibernation to reduce consumption, standby power <60uA 3, high-performance components, anti-surge circuit protection 4, to overcome the problem of strobe, to eliminate the “ghost fire phenomenon” 5, ultra-long life, more than 50,000 times on and off life 6, Tmall Genie voice control, can customize another intelligent platform version! 7, can be installed to replace the traditional switch, can also be dark to 86 bottom box Product photo Single fire switch front 45 ° real shot Single fire switch back real shot Single fire controller front real shot Single fire controller back You need a good switch because your life has quality Selecting Global Classics Just to make a good switch The R&D…

    Technology News, News 10/24/2022

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