• Do you really understand the TUYA wireless switch pasting smart applications

    Whether in the past or now, do you really know about the free-pasting smart applications of Ebelong TUYA wireless switches? We can predict the future. Also known as a wireless kinetic switch and self-powered switch, Ebelong TUYA wireless switch is developed and produced using micro energy acquisition technology. Ebelong TUYA wireless switch is very different from a traditional wired switch or wireless switch with a battery, with obvious advantages, as follows: 1. No wiring is required; 2. No battery is used; 3. Easy multi-control; 4. Easy installation; 5. Diversified use (remote control, voice, mobile APP); 6. Anti-electric shock; 7. IP67 waterproof; 8. Easy to refit, add, and move; 9. Support multi-protocol and multi-platform; 10. Fireproof material and durable; 11. Support customization; 12. It is widely used in humid areas; It is believed that the evolution of Ebelong wireless switch in the future will further meet the actual needs with needs of users. How…

    Technology News, News 11/09/2022

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