• Outdoor IP67 waterproof battery-free wireless light switch reduces electrician workload

    Why do outdoor IP67 waterproof and battery-free wireless light switches reduce the workload of electricians? 1. What technology is used by Ebelong wireless light switch manufacturers to develop and produce? A new type of wireless light switch was developed and produced using micro-energy harvesting self-powered technology. 2. Working principle of wireless light switch The principle of self-powered technology is to rely on the kinetic energy generated at the moment when the switch is pressed by hand, convert it into electrical energy, send a signal through the internal module, and the controller receives the signal to control the state of the lamp. 3. What benefits will the use of IP67 waterproof and battery-free wireless light switches outdoors bring electricians and users? Electrician: 1. Eliminates the difficult outdoor wiring links; 2. Easily realize multi-control one, one-control multi-scene; 3. It is easy to realize modification and installation, dual control and multi-control; 4. The garden lights…

    Technology News, News 04/19/2022

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