• Technology or protocol used in the smart wireless device

    Home automation defines automatic and electronic control of household features, activities, and appliances. It means you can easily control your home device via the internet to make life more convenient and secure. For home automation, we use different kinds of smart devices. But most of the time we don’t care that our device follows which technology or protocol. ‘‘We should care about technology or protocols of the smart home device. Before this, you have to know the difference between different protocols. Let’s discuss the major wireless technologies used by smart home devices. Such as Zigbee, Z-wave, Thread, and WiFi. We won’t discuss Bluetooth or RF because these have specific use cases and are not applicable to most smart home devices. ZigbeeThis is an open-source short-range wireless technology that operates between 10m-20m distance indoors. Zigbee devices can connect with one another during a mesh network. This way, one device can help transfer data to other devices in the network allowing wireless data transmission in larger spaces….

    Technology News, News 01/21/2022

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