• Self-powered wireless doorbell requires no wiring and no batteries

    The self-powered wireless doorbell transmitter does not need batteries and has a built-in energy acquisition module, which can convert the mechanical energy of pressing into electrical energy, and the electrical energy drives the circuit to work. The doorbell communication method is wireless radio frequency, no wiring is required for installation, the ringer volume is adjustable and there are multiple music tracks to choose from. The doorbell has a power-off memory function. After power-off and then power-on, the doorbell can remember the last set music track and ring volume, and there is no need to manually set it. 1. Drop test: (1) Self-powered wireless doorbell transmitter: 1 meter high from the rigid ground, and the product works normally after the 6 sides are dropped three times respectively. (2) Self-generating wireless doorbell receiver: complete the packaging test with the whole machine, and the installation strength can complete the functional operation of the receiving module…

    Technology News, News 07/06/2022
  • Kinetic batteryless wireless doorbell

    In the current case, the kinetic batteryless wireless doorbell caught people’s attention because it has a couple of properties that make it special. The front is made with kinetic energy, while all plastic parts are made from self-powered material. The last thing that convinced people to put the bell to the test is the power supply to the call button that triggers the ring. Here you will usually find button cells or so-called batteries-operated, which are made from lithium, on wireless doorbells. With the Ebelong self-powered doorbell you will find nothing! Because it works without batteries. As most homes use wired doorbells installed, there is no reason to install the other bells. The testing was from a new technology issue. The doorbell has no batteries on the button. It generates electricity via electronics that generate electrical energy from the kinetic energy that is generated when you press the button. That alone is already thought…

    Technology News, News 03/22/2022
  • Battery-free wireless doorbell – Good assistant for your family

    As an essential home functional device, many people have very limited choices. They are basically traditional, with relatively simple functions, and the doorbell is always unavailable due to weather and other reasons. Then, Ebelong’s battery-free wireless doorbell will be a good helper for your different home. In addition to the weather, the doorbell’s battery is also a big problem, and it’s not easy to replace. So for many families, simply go back to the most primitive “doorbell method” and knock directly on the door. In fact, it is not necessary. Now, Ebelong provide you with a wireless doorbell with its own power generation, no wiring, and no batteries. Let’s take a look at what is worth buying this doorbell. Self-pressing power generation supports energy saving and environmental protection. The small doorbell has all the internal organs and built-in power generation module. When the finger touches the push switch, it means…

    Technology News, News 03/17/2022
  • Which wireless doorbell is better to choose?

    Wireless doorbells have become relatively cheap, making them a great option to replace the traditional doorbells that don’t offer as many useful features. The wireless versions are also easier to install as no wiring is required. They also come loaded with features such as adjustable volume and a large selection of chimes. Some high-end models offer smart features that connect the doorbell with your smartphone for notifications and video surveillance. The Ebelong Self-powered Doorbell is the best high-end doorbell offering high-definition video, A security alert, and waterproof function. What to know before you buy a wireless doorbell. Range The receiver unit needs to be within the doorbell range for it to work. Most wireless doorbells offer at least 100 feet of range, while the premium models will be more than 400 feet. Remember that you might not get the same range as the product specifications as interference can occur. You…

    Technology News, News 02/15/2022
  • Plug and play wireless doorbell

    Wireless Doorbell A doorbell is a pretty self-explanatory signaling device typically placed near a door to a building’s entrance. When a visitor presses a button the bell rings inside the building, which alerted the occupant to the presence of the visitor. Like everything else, though, today’s technology has brought even the standard doorbell into the limelight as an important tool for convenience and security. Most of the doorbell is wired systems, with a button on the outside next to the door. But wireless doorbell systems have no physical wiring connecting the doorbell button outside to the doorbell receiver. Rather than electrical wiring, a wireless doorbell uses radio waves to transmit the signal. EBELONG Wireless Doorbells If you have EBELONG Wireless Doorbell, you don’t have to worry about connecting electrical wiring properly. Installing a wireless doorbell is good for renters who aren’t allowed to make significant modifications to their units. EBELONG wireless doorbell can…

    Technology News, News 02/12/2022
  • Installation and types of doorbell

    In many high-end abodes, doorbells are quite common. The doorbell mainly serves as a reminder to remind the owner that there are guests outside. Certainly, sometimes because of problems with the layout of the doorbell, some mistakes are often made. In fact, in many cases, these problems should also be avoided. Therefore, at the beginning of the installation, the installation factors should be thoroughly known. What’s the best way to install a doorbell? How many types of doorbells are in the market? What’s the best way to install a doorbell Depending on the situation, you can do as required, using the strong 3M sticker that comes with the doorbell to stick the doorbell on the door. You can also drill holes in the door or wall, and fix the doorbell with expansion screws. In terms of feng shui, the best way is to install it on the wall. The placement of the doorbell in different positions has different…

    Technology News, News 01/19/2022
  • How does a wireless kinetic energy doorbell work

    Have you missed parcels or friends many times because you did not hear the doorbell ring or someone knock at the door on time? Wireless kinetic energy doorbell will be a good choice for you and it has a wonderful upgrade to the existing traditional hardwired doorbell. Wireless kinetic energy doorbell can work without battery and it does not require WiFi as it via RF 433MHz. One may ask, how does a batteryless wireless kinetic energy doorbell work? Actually, the doorbell push button and doorbell receiver do not need a battery. When we press the doorbell push button, it can convert kinetic micro-energy into an electrical signal to ring the wireless kinetic energy doorbell. We can power wireless kinetic energy doorbells without battery and wiring. When you push down on the doorbell push button, it can create a mechanical force and uses this as a kinetic micro-energy to produce a low-power signal. Wireless kinetic energy doorbells are low-voltage devices. Wireless kinetic energy doorbell adopts kinetic…

    Technology News, News 01/06/2022

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