• Application of wireless kinetic door sensor in smart home

    A smart home connects various devices in the home together through the Internet of Things technology to achieve one-key control and whole-house linkage. Smart homes not only have traditional living functions, but also provide a full range of information interaction functions, and are also a master of energy-saving and resource-saving. As a new production industry, its market consumption concept has not yet been formed, and it is at a critical point in the introduction period and growth period. Many people do not have a specific concept, or even know which intelligent products should be selected. Security is the most important first checkpoint, and wireless kinetic door sensors are an indispensable part of intelligent security. What is a door sensor? The door sensor is mainly composed of a switch and a magnet, and the switch part is connected by a reed switch through a lead wire. Shaped and encapsulated; the magnet part is…

    Technology News, News 03/10/2022

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