• Wireless kinetic switches facilitate the design of electrical lighting systems for super high-rise buildings

    The electrical design of super high-rise buildings should be different from general buildings. Therefore, the wireless kinetic switch of EBELONG provides convenience for the design of the electrical lighting system of super high-rise buildings. Designers should consider the characteristics of electrical design of super high-rise buildings, and do a good job of site investigation, grasp the correct design ideas, scientifically deploy the relationship between different systems, reasonably select and design the form of the power distribution system, so as to make the system operate with strong stability and safety, comprehensively improve the effect of electrical design of super high-rise buildings, prolong the service life of equipment, and highlight the advantages of modern building electrical design. What convenience can the wireless kinetic switch bring to the design of the lighting system of a super high-rise building? The wireless kinetic switch is developed with micro energy collection, no wiring, no battery, anti-electrical shock,…

    Technology News, News 11/11/2022
  • Smart home switches enter thousands of homes to help the elderly and children control home appliances

    Ebelong smart home switch is also called wireless kinetic switch, which is developed and produced by micro-energy harvesting and self-generating technology and has more than 350 invention patents. The smart home switch does not require wall wiring, does not use batteries, is shockproof, IP67 waterproof has a wireless intelligent remote control, simple installation, convenient use, easy multi-control, quick modification and retrofitting, and supports OEM and ODM customization. Smart home switch simplifies the steps of installation, saves labor and material costs, is green and low-carbon, and provides three types of voice, cell phone APP, and remote control. With the elderly and children at home, what help can switching to a smart home switch provide to them? Ebelong smart home switches into thousands of homes to help the elderly and children control home appliances, the elderly more or less convenient action will be somewhat unchanged, and children’s height is also a problem, the use…

    Technology News, News 11/10/2022

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