• Manufacturer of wireless light switches that rely on kinetic energy to generate electricity

    There may be many manufacturers of traditional light switches, but do you know how many manufacturers of wireless light switches rely on kinetic energy to generate power? Yes, I don’t know how many, because I can’t go to statistics one by one. But what I am sure of is that there are very few manufacturers of this kinetic energy self-powered wireless light switch. Ebelong is a leader in wireless light switch manufacturers. It has more than 300 invention patents, and a number of quality certifications, and has been engaged in the research and development of self-powered technology for more than ten years. years. Some friends may have questions, what is a wireless light switch with kinetic energy self-generating? Is it different from our usual wireless light switches? Ebelong kinetic self-powered wireless light switch is a new type of switch developed and produced using self-powered technology. It relies on the kinetic energy generated by our hands…

    Technology News, News 04/06/2022

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