• Outdoor IP67 waterproof battery-free wireless light switch reduces electrician workload

    Why do outdoor IP67 waterproof and battery-free wireless light switches reduce the workload of electricians? 1. What technology is used by Ebelong wireless light switch manufacturers to develop and produce? A new type of wireless light switch was developed and produced using micro-energy harvesting self-powered technology. 2. Working principle of wireless light switch The principle of self-powered technology is to rely on the kinetic energy generated at the moment when the switch is pressed by hand, convert it into electrical energy, send a signal through the internal module, and the controller receives the signal to control the state of the lamp. 3. What benefits will the use of IP67 waterproof and battery-free wireless light switches outdoors bring electricians and users? Electrician: 1. Eliminates the difficult outdoor wiring links; 2. Easily realize multi-control one, one-control multi-scene; 3. It is easy to realize modification and installation, dual control and multi-control; 4. The garden lights…

    Technology News, News 04/19/2022
  • Manufacturer of wireless light switches that rely on kinetic energy to generate electricity

    There may be many manufacturers of traditional light switches, but do you know how many manufacturers of wireless light switches rely on kinetic energy to generate power? Yes, I don’t know how many, because I can’t go to statistics one by one. But what I am sure of is that there are very few manufacturers of this kinetic energy self-powered wireless light switch. Ebelong is a leader in wireless light switch manufacturers. It has more than 300 invention patents, and a number of quality certifications, and has been engaged in the research and development of self-powered technology for more than ten years. years. Some friends may have questions, what is a wireless light switch with kinetic energy self-generating? Is it different from our usual wireless light switches? Ebelong kinetic self-powered wireless light switch is a new type of switch developed and produced using self-powered technology. It relies on the kinetic energy generated by our hands…

    Technology News, News 04/06/2022
  • Affordable wireless light switches halve installation cost

    A new range of affordable wireless and battery-free light switches offering half the installed cost of a standard wired switch has been launched by EBELONG, a new entrant to the electric wiring accessories market. The China-manufactured wireless light switches from EBELONG provide a simple and quick-to-install solution for controlling the lighting but have the connectivity required to be a stepping stone to home automation with Alexa and Google Home. EBELONG’s wireless light switch has no batteries, no wires, The installer simply connects the receiver to the ceiling rose and sticks the switch in a convenient location to complete the installation – no further setup is required. There is no need to damage the surface finish of the wall by gouging out cable routes. EBELONG switches can be placed wherever they are needed – on the wall, on furniture, or on a table, and moved at will to a new location. They…

    Technology News, News 04/01/2022
  • The main value of wireless light switches in smart home

    The Internet of Things is the key link of the new generation of information technology, and it is also an important development stage in the information age and the digital age. The core of the development of IoT technology is the innovation of user experience. With the continuous progress of IoT technology, its application in daily life is becoming more and more extensive. In this context, the development of the Internet of Things has further driven the rapid growth of the residential electronic integration industry and the smart home industry. As an important part of smart home, wireless light switch plays a key role. The main advantages of wireless light switches in smart homes are that there is no need to dig wall wiring, no batteries, no need to worry about the risk of electric shock, IP67 waterproof, simple installation, easy dual control, and multi-control, support Tuya platform, and wireless…

    Technology News, News 03/30/2022
  • Wireless light switch smart lighting control system

    The smart lighting control system is system software for intelligent control and management of lighting effects. Compared with traditional lighting fixtures, the key is to complete the matching of lights, one-key conversion, intelligent remote control, system partition lights on and off all lights, etc. Management method, the key operation method is wireless remote control, timed operation, centralized control system and even remote operation, etc., wireless light switch, to complete the functions of intelligent lighting system energy saving, environmental protection, comfort, and convenience. 1. Automation technology The intelligent control system of all-smart home lighting lamps is fully automatic and practical and does not require manual production. Therefore, when it is applied, it is not necessary to pay attention to its power switch. The intelligent control system of lamps and lanterns can choose electromagnetic induction or infrared induction to complete the actual operation of magnetic induction. This not only allows lighting fixtures to…

    Technology News, News 03/25/2022

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