• Waterproof smart wireless switches can be used in those places

    Where can Ebelong’s waterproof smart wireless switch be used? Maybe many of my friends have not heard of waterproof smart wireless switches, and it is normal that they have not heard of them. After all, this type of switch has not existed for a long time, but its function is indeed very unusual. Let me introduce myself to you. 1. What is the principle of a waterproof smart wireless switch?The micro-energy collection self-generating technology is used for R&D and production, relying on kinetic energy to generate power and signal transmission. 2. What are the main advantages of waterproof wireless smart switches?No need to chisel wall wiring;without battery;With IP67 waterproof;Easy modification and installation;Fast dual control and multi-control;Installation is simple, the signal can be paired, it supports fixed installation, 3M adhesive installation, no installation, and can be placed anywhere;Free to use, use like remote control, voice control, or mobile APP control;Easily distinguish…

    Technology News, News 04/25/2022
  • Wireless smart switch manufacturers use kinetic self-powered technology to develop

    With the improvement of the quality of life, the requirements for the surrounding things will increase with the increase of funds. People are thinking about how to live a more comfortable life. Then the smart home appears, then how to realize the smart home more. Perfect? Perhaps Ebelong wireless smart switch manufacturers can answer this question for you. Most of the common wireless switches on the market require batteries, which is very inconvenient. It is necessary to replace the battery after a long time and find a way to dispose of the used battery, which is not in line with the concept of environmental protection. The wireless switch of Ebelong wireless intelligent switch manufacturer does not need wiring or battery. It is a wireless switch developed and produced by kinetic energy self-powered technology. What are the unique advantages of the application in the smart home? 1. There is no need to connect the…

    Technology News, News 04/08/2022
  • Wireless smart switch, kinetic energy generation

    In your busy life, when you use the switch, have you ever encountered such troubles: “Why is there no switch here”, “Why is the switch so far away”, “The cabinet blocks the switch”…. Faced with this situation, you may sigh: isn’t the furthest distance in the world a switch that you can see but cannot touch? If you have a Ebelong wireless smart switch, you can save a lot of trouble. Stick it anywhere, control it freely… It’s more than that, let’s see what the capabilities of this switch are? No wiring required, kinetic energy generation Friends who have experienced decoration know that once the switch point and electrical wiring are confirmed, it is difficult to adjust it later, so it is very troublesome to re-install the position of the switch socket. Ebelong smart wireless switch, whether it is refitted before or after home decoration, avoids all kinds of complicated wiring troubles,…

    Technology News, News 03/23/2022

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