• Wiring free switch+TUYA intelligent curtain controller can easily realize remote multi-control

    Wiring free switch+curtain controller package, wiring free multi control graffiti intelligent curtain controller. It supports the use of Ebelong spring-back self-powered wiring free switch (2 keys and above) to control the forward rotation, reverse rotation, and stop of the curtain motor. The controller supports two control modes and the reverse control function of the motor. Applicable motor type: curtain opening/closing motor, roller shutter motor. 1. It is suitable for installation in scenes that are inconvenient for wiring, such as glass, partition, and scenes that require fixed switches and multiple controls (office buildings, business summer, etc.) 2. No battery maintenance, long control distance, free installation, waterproof. 3. Support mobile phone control and voice control 4. Accessible to the smart home system Application example: Wiring mode (1) Weak current mode wiring (2) Strong current mode wiring Technical advantages Zero-crossing protection technology The controller generally uses a relay as the “switch” control element, and…

    Technology News, News 11/03/2022

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