• Yellow Emperor’s hometown renovation and expansion | Wireless kinetic switch to retain the maximum extent of the original appearance of ancient buildings

    On April 3, 2022, the ancestral worship ceremony of the Yellow Emperor’s hometown in the year of the reign of the Emperor was grandly held in Xinzheng, Henan Province in the form of online ancestral worship. Yellow Emperor’s hometown after high-quality renovation and expansion to a new look in front of the global Chinese. The biggest highlight of the renovation and expansion project is the introduction of Ebelong wireless kinetic switch. The wireless kinetic switch is wiring-free, eliminating the need to cut the wall, bury the pipe, wire, and fill the plaster, without cutting the wall and destroying the wall, reflecting the ancient building renovation principle of “repairing the old as the old”, fully respecting the original style of the ancient building and maintaining the historical appearance. In addition, the wireless kinetic switch realizes light control through self-generation and does not rely on batteries, which leads modern people to truly feel…

    Technology News, News 10/22/2022

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