• WiFi/ZigBee RGB dimming controller for LED strip 12V-24V

    WiFi/ZigBee RGB controller application If you have LED strips at home and want to control them through your phone, the EBELONG smart lighting controllers are just for you. Each 12V or 24V RGB LED strip can be added to the WIFI/ZigBee controller, and you will be able to control it through the free application Tuya APP for Android and iOS devices. What you can control via the EBELONG WIFI/ZigBee RGB controller? Wireless remote control Turn on and off the connected light bulbs from anywhere on Earth at any time. It is enough to have internet coverage. 16 million color choices Up to 16 million colors can be achieved. Maintain user-defined colors and save favorite colors. Timer mode Maintains scheduled schedules, countdowns, and on/off times at specific times. Group control You can form several LED strip/rope lights in a group and control them all with one touch. Share management with another…

    Technology News, News 03/02/2022

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