C301 smart light controller | The lighting is unique for each differentsituation

C301 smart light controller | The lighting is unique for each different situation

Control the light to suit your different needs in life.

Add this product to enjoy a smart and comfortable lighting experience.

A dimmer for various scenarios

A dimmer for various scenarios

This ultra small size controller is mounted in your ceiling, in your wall or behind your electrical socket. Retrofit easily and without any construction work.

With a kinetic switch and a controller, you can control the brightness and color temperature anywhere. The light is the most suitable every time and no wasting.

  • Dimmable


    Dimmers are triac based dimmers as well, however they utilize our HEAD(high efficiency dimming) technology which allows for better control and compatibility of LEDs.

  • Ultra low profile

    Ultra low profile

    A concentrate of technology and features, in less than 21mm thickness.

  • Compatible with wired switch control

    Compatible with wired switch control

    Wireless kinetic switch and traditional switch can be used at the same time to achieve dual or multiple control easily.

  • Supported expansion

    Supported expansion

    Optional gateway pairing to realize app and voice control (google assistant, Amazon Alexa)

Examples Of Use Cases

C3 Series | 1.5A triac dimmer

C301 1.5A Triac dimmer
Product ModelERC301
Product NameDimming receiving controller
Work Temperature-20℃ ~ +55℃
Rated Current1.5A
Rated Power300w(220v),150w(110v)
Working VoltageAC100~240V 50/60Hz
Wireless Communication433Mhz
Dimming MethodTRIAC Dimming
Storage CapacityCan store 10 wireless switches information
Executive StandardsEN 55015: 2013+A1:2015

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